How to make cherry limeade cupcakes

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Gather supplies

Make cake batter according to instructions.

Pour 1/2 of cherry juice.

Mix into cake batter! Add a little more if you want to really taste it.

Cut some cherries into quarters. Leave some for the topping!

Scoop batter into cupcake liners.

Add some cherries. We only put them in some because not everyone wanted them. They better with the cherries though!

Push them down so that they're covered by batter. We put them in the middle ones so that we knew which ones had them!

Bake according to package directions.

Scoop white frosting into a bowl.

Fold in two tablespoons of lime juice. Taste and add more if wanted. I ended up adding another two tablespoons, but I like sour things.

Mix in some green and yellow food coloring until it reaches a nice color.

With all the liquid, the frosting might get to runny. Just sprinkle in some powdered sugar and stir until it is thicker.

Let cupcakes cool completely.

Decorate with a cherry, lime strip...

And a straw! We just cut up a plastic drinking straw. Enjoy!

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