How to make your own swiffer floor duster sweeper refill pads

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You can make your own refills for Swiffer or similar duster/ sweeper using paper towels and dryer fabric softener sheets. The dryer sheets can be used or new.

You could use original pad as the pattern but since i purchased my sweeper from Goodwill and had none handy, I used the bottom as my pattern.

Lay out 2 dryer sheets and over lap so they are width of the sweeper.

Just checking width of dryer sheets.

Flip the towels and sheets so that the paper towel is face up.

Fold up both layers and push into hole grips. Make sure you push both in together.

Trim edge. Dummy me, I should have lined up one edge but I ended up trimming both edges.


It worked. The dryer sheets attract dust well. Leaves a nice scent behind.

Tip: after a few uses, remove just the dryer sheet layer. Shake off dust, flip so clean side out and use again. You can even rinse them and use them more times!

Happy cleaning and please "like" my guide!

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