How to make brownie-eggs

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Start by making small holes in the bottom of the eggs. I used a pointed knife to careful beating the holes with.

Then blow out the contents with a straw. Blow out two of the eggs into a bowl for themselves, so you have them to the cake batter. The rest can then be used for omelet or other baking.

Rinse the shells well and pour boiling water over, so you are sure they are absolutely clean and sterile

Set them out to dry, preferably overnight.

Melt butter, sugar and chocolate over low heat.

Llike this. Then take the Pan from the heat.

Add the flour.

Turn it gently in the mass.

Whisk 2 eggs lightly together.

Whip it in the batter, a little at a time.

Until you have a uniform dough like this.

Pour a little oil into each eggshell and tip it around, to the shell is smeared inside. (I forgot this, but they were fine anyway).

Stuffed egg shells halfway with batter. (If you keep the egg up to a strong light source, you can see how much there is in).

Cut crosses in a reverse foil tray...

... and make those holes the eggs can stand in. Beware of fingers, the foil can be quite sharp.

Bake the eggs in this form for 6-8 minutes at 200 degrees. Keep a close eye on them, if you want a molten core (mine got a little too much).

Serve with ice cream and fresh fruit.

My family loved them, and it was pretty fun to watch their amazement over the strange menu. Enjoy ;-)

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