How to make homemade gong bao sauce with chicken

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Mixed soy sauce, rice wine, cornstarch and water marinate chicken for half and hour.

Prepare sauce, mixed together soy sauce Rice wine, brown sugar, Cornstarch with water and white vinegar.

Fried the nut for few minutes, it helps remove the nut skin and make the nut more crunchy.

Put some oil and fried the chicken. Set aside.

Put some oil fried fried garlic, onion, green and red chilies for few minutes.

Add chicken then cucumber and some peppercorn.

Add the prepared sauce.

And then nuts, stir well and cover the top steam for 2 minutes.

Serve on top of white rice. This works even without the sauce I used in another guide, it taste more spicy and dry compare with the sauce from Asian store.

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