How to makeover a chandelier (quick and practically free)

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This is my existing chandelier. I was never really in love with the shades, so I removed them.

These are the removed shades. I know, blah. Not only blah, but they don't allow a lot of light to come through.

I attempted a couple upcycling techniques. I like the muslin, but the look doesn't match the space. Started to decoupage, but didn't get that far, as I knew I wasn't going to like it.

And, both upcycled options would still leave me in the dark. However, dinner under interrogation lighting definitely needed to be addressed and quick (dinner guests arrive in 45!)

So, my quick, 10 minute, 4 step fix...vintage sheet music paper and scotch tape! Yep, that's it!!

Step 1- take a sheet of paper.

Step 2- fold in half.

Step 3- adhere tape to one edge.

Step 4- roll paper and tape edges together.

That's it!! Place paper rolls over lights.

Totally softens the lighting and looks like pretty candles.

Kinda reminds me of these most favorite PB pillars.

I love the soft, warm light.

***Safety step- cut and roll Parchment cooking paper and place inside each paper roll.

Such a quick and easy fix!!

Not a permanent solution, I'm on the lookout for new permanent shades that really speak to me...but this definitely worked in a pinch!

*** a little textural bonus!

Cut burlap strips, then wrap and tie around paper rolls with jute.

A nice little extra detail.

Imagine the possibilities with all the beautiful paper out there!! New shades for every party! 😉

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