How to draw a rose

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Gather supplies.

Draw the base of the rose by drawing a small "cup" with a funny base...? Sorry its a bit hard to explain haha!! Do it like this:)

Curve it outwards and upwards, making the left side longer than the right like this.

Go even further for the left, and make the right look a bit like this.

Finish the right side of the base of the petal. Should look a bit like this. (Sorry its blurry)

Do the same with the left.

Draw up the first petal like this. Go in a little from the edge of the left bit like this. (Tap for full image)

Draw a little lip on it.

Draw the left side of the rose like this.

Make it go all the way down to the middle of the base, like this. Don't make the lines exactly straight.

Add another lip-like bit the the inside of the left petal like this.

Draw a second line near it like this.

Draw a squiggly line from the top of the right petal to the top of the left petal like this.

Draw another petal-line from the left upwards like this.

Add a lip to it.

Draw two lines in a oval shape, and extend it towards the side of the left petal like this.

Draw a hump inside that oval.

Draw another hump (btw humps are petals) over it.

And another!!

Now draw the stem, making sure to put in some thorns as well and don't make it perfectly smooth and straight, give it a bit of character!

Add another little branch outwards like this.

Draw one leaf on the end. Like this.

Draw two more.

Draw the middle vein.

Draw the smaller veins.

And you're finished! (Finished drawing next slide, tap for full image!)

Shade around parts of the petals if you wish!

Thanks for watching, enjoy drawing beautiful roses everywhere! Please like, comment and follow too:)

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