How to make sushi at home

Overview of all materials

Close up of Sushi Rice and ginger brand

Measure out however many cups of rice you want (about one cup per roll)

Wash rice till it runs clear

Put in pot with 1 1/4 cups of water per cup of sushi rice. Cook uncovered on high heat till water is boiling. Reduce heat to simmer then cover for 20 mins.

Slice cucumber into very thin filling strips (remove seeds)

Let rice cool

Add two table spoons of rice vinegar per cup of rice

Wrap bamboo mat in plastic wrap to prevent sticking between rice and mat

Thinly slice your fish or filling

Place on half of a nori sheet on bamboo mat

Wet hands and place a handful of sticky rice in the center of the nori and spread evenly till it is about 1cm thick

For an inside out roll (rice on the outside) flip the nori back over so you fill the nori side on the edge of the mat

Roll sushi out with bamboo mat carefully squishing it into the shape of rectangular hump

Also simple to add slices of fish on top of small sticky rice balls to make nigiri style

Dress with sauces and garnish with green onions! TA da!!!

Finished product

Watch the video: Easy Authentic Sushi Hand Rolls At Home Temaki

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