How to make herb butter, aka compound butter

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If you are using a stalkier herb like rosemary, this is how you pull the leaves off the stems… hold at the top while you run your index and thumb down the stem to remove the leaves. Then chop finely.

This is how to remove the super fine herbs like dill from the stems. Gently, with the knife at a 45 degree angle.

Mise en Place: Wash, chop finely and-- "put in place" your ingredients of choice before you begin to make the butter. What you see here is me about to make a bunch of different herb butters.

This is not scientific…I make herb butters one stick at a time when I don't want a bunch of herbs to go bad. Just plan it ahead and leave a stick of butter out to soften a few hours before…Then MIX!

Make an impromptu pastry bag w/ a ziplock and cut a tiny corner off. Put herb butter mix into the bag and pipe it into florets. Freeze for a few min until firm enough to transfer to a new ziplock bag.

Label the bag, keep in freezer, and you will have instant flavor to add when cooking- to sauces, meats, chicken, potatoes, rice, you name it- you'll find a million delicious uses.

*TIP* Save the butter wrappers in a ziplock (in the freezer) for the next time you will need to butter a pan for baking.

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