How to make antique paper out of tea

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boil water

add black tea

pour extract in plate n dip you plain white paper

soak it completely

let it dry.. if you don't want to wait for too long than you can use hair dryer or stove

dried :) nice antique color it produced

we can use this antique paper in various ways.. will let u know later in this guide

take another paper and spread fresh dry black tea over it

spray water with spray bottle

now oven it for one minute

again repeat the process of spraying water and again oven it for 1 min

repeated steps will give more colors

remove tea and nice pattern is formed over paper which can also be used for your projects

nice pattern :)

u can also use you antique paper instead of white paper and spread tea over it to see different results

this is result

this is another antique paper and I smokes it from edges to give smoky antique paper look

another use of tea is that dip your paper in tea extarct.. then scratch you name or any quote on paper with knife and then again dip in tea extract to see your name imprinting :)

pat dry with newspaper

oops I'm burning my name lol.. don't burn your paper but instead slightly smoke it to dry and give little but smoky and crispy look...

done with this antique look :)

another pic

making autumn leaf .. cut your white paper like a leaf and dip in tea extract

scratch its veins

again dip

smoke on stove

done :)

another pic

you can now start writing comments or quotes on these pieces

some of pieces I made

write quotes:)

another one

oh i forgot to rotate it sorry :s

sorry about some overwriting :)

but you can use this idea on valentines or any other special day for tagging your gift

nice curl over leaf due to smoking process we done

the outcome :) you can also use green tea for different colors..

enjoy your antique craft project :)

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