How to make key lime pie using maria cookie crust

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The first thing I'll do is process the crust by grinding some Goya cookies.

We had these left over from a recipe at Christmas so ill use this instead of graham crackers. They're kind of like animal cracker consistency.



Ta da!

Measure out about one and a half cups of this.

Add your granulated sugar.

Melt half a stick of butter.

We're going to add the butter to the crumbs and sugar...

Do so!

Use your hands to incorporate!

Should end up moist and crumbly :)

Transfer to your 9in h pan and press around.

After careful craft, it can look like this!

Note to make sure there is a uniform thickness here. Place in the oven for about 20 min at 375.

In the mean time, I'm going to whip some cream for the topping. A trick I use is the place ice cubes in the bowl for about 5 min before use. This helps the whipping of the cream.

You will also need some confectioner's sugar and a large ziplock.

I usually use water to loosen the cubes and rinse the bowl out.

Make sure to dry the bowl before the next step.

Pour in a while lotta cream.

Pour in a while lotta cream!

Attach a wire whisk. If you don't have this machine, use a real whisk.

Whip it.

Get your sugar handy. We will eventually add about a quarter cup of sugar to the mixture in tablespoonfuls gradually. Don't worry if it's not precise! This is a visual exercise :)

Now that the cream has begun to take shape (like 3 min) I'm adding a heaping tablespoon of sugar.

Mix. If you're mixing by hand, more than three minutes of course, and you may want to use a bowl underneath with ice water to maintain temp.

After you've added several more spoons of sugar, the consistency should thicken further. Be careful not to overbeat your cream or it will not stay pretty :)

With a spatula, transfer your cream to a ziplock.

I've placed a piping tip in one corner for later to make fancy swirlies! Place in the fridge till much later.

Ahhh, the crust is ready :)

As we wait for the crust to cool, let's make the filling. This is super easy. Eggs. Lime juice. Condensed milk. The lime juice looks funky, I know, but only because it's from a bottle... ITS FINE!!

Using a wire whisk, add the lime juice. YOU'LL EAT IT AND YOU'LL LIKE IT!!!

Add two eggs.

I'm going to pour in the condensed milk as I stir. I've learned that adding things gradually is always better when in doubt!

Like so...

Now the other can!

Finished consistency!

I have waited till the crust was cool, then poured the filling in!

Place this thing in the oven at 325 for about fifteen minutes.


Done! Letting this cool and then placing in the fridge for at least two hours! Tonight I will update and pipe my decoration and add garnish :)

After refrigerating the pie for a day, I piped the whipped cream on top. I have also begun to grate the zest of a lime on top.

Finishing touches...

Cut some limes thinly and cost both sides with sugar. Let sit while the juices extract for a bit. Then garnish! Enjoy :)

After making this recipe and tasting, I'd have added more butter to the crust and maybe a bit of flour. It was very crumbly.

Also, I'd add a bit less lime juice and fold in a bit of sour cream in substitution for about half of one of the cans of condensed milk. If you like sweet and tart though, keep it the way it is!

Watch the video: Easy delicious 4 ingredient Maria cookie lemon pie!!!


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