How to create super bowl football tablescape

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This fast and simple football field with old-style wooden bleachers down the middle will score with all your gridiron Heros. Load up the bleachers with goodies for your guests.

FIRST. Make an astro turf runner to go down the middle of your table. The cheap stuff from your local home improvement store is easy to cut.

SECOND. Tape two cans securely together. Make enough pairs to support the "top row" of your bleachers.

NEXT. Roll all the cans in foil to cover the labels and make them look like bleacher risers. Trim off ends so there isn't so much bulk and the cans set level.

Doesn't that look nice?!

WOW! Look at all the "bleacher" supports.

NOW. Place your double stacked cans down the middle of the table and lay one of the old fence boards on top.

PLACE the single cans on either side of the "top" row. Add fence boards to make the "bottom" row.

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