How to bake egg and bacon puffpie

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What you need!

Cut bacon into 1 inch pieces. Cook bacon. Put on paper towel to drain fat and cool.

Grate cheese. I like cheese so this is about 8-10 oz of cheese!

Thinly slice tomato.

Pre heat oven to 350* F.

Line a pie plate with the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. If you don't like these you can use a ready made pie crust.

Just push it around all areas to make it even. I have a little lip above edge of pie plate to hold in the goodness!

Separate the eggs. Put the whites aside for now.

Add sour cream to the egg yolks.

Mix well.

This step is optional. I add some hot sauce. It's not in the original recipe, but thought it might be good! What kind of hot did I use, check next step.

I used the cayenne pepper hot sauce. ( the red one)

Mix in the flour.

Mix well to get the lumps out. Add a pinch of pepper.

With the egg whites. Beat them until fluffy.

Pour whites into egg mixture.

Fold in the whites carefully.

Fold until well mixed.

Now to put the pie together. Start with the crust.

Add the bacon.

Place the tomato slices on top of the bacon.

Add the cheese next.

Pour the egg mixture on top of cheese.

Place in oven.

It's ready after 30-35 minutes.

Cut into pieces and serve. Sorry for the paper plate, I don't feel like cleaning more plates!

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