How to spot a fake nikon camera lens

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Pay close attention to all the details of the Nikon packaging. The sturdy box features the Nikon logo and the model number both in print and sometimes embossed.

The retail box should have a label on the side panel. It features various details but most important is the serial number with barcode if there is one.

New Nikon lenses are accompanied by an instruction manual. Check that the print details are of high quality with crisp edges as this is often compromised in counterfeit reproduction.

New Nikon lenses are accompanied by a warranty card. Check carefully for errors in spelling and that the serial number featured matches the serial number found on the lens and the retail box label.

New Nikon lens feature a model number or name. It will be detailed on the packaging, the paperwork and the lens itself. The location of the model number on the lens can vary.

Most new Nikon lenses feature a serial number. If the seller has photographed theirs make sure it matches the serial number on the box and any paperwork.

Check the details of the lens mount carefully. Edges will be well finished and screws will fit flush with the surface.

Watch the video: You should ALWAYS do this test when you buy a lens.

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