How to cook carne tamales step 2

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Gather all your ingredients and cut it into nite sized. I cut my jalapeños in half.

Dip your corn husk wrapper in water for 15-20 min. Then rip some of the corn husk (you gonna used it to tie both side of tamales with it)

Place your masa dough in a bowl. This the brand that I used.

Add 1 cup Manteca in it.

Remember the sauce you made (for the carne filling)? Pour 1 cup of it in the masa mixture.

Mix everything with your hand (this gonna be your exercise today 😁)

Step 2: Add the carne in it.

Step 3: add 4 potatoes and stuck 2 olives in it.

Step 4: Add jalapeños and raisin

Step 5: fold the corn husk wrapper

Step 6: tie both side of the corn husk wrapper.

Steam it for 2 hours.

It's readytaste the yumminess of your homemade tamales! Enjoy 🍴😸


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