How to make a polymer clay hamburger

This guide is dedicated to 'Lizzo Frizzo,' who posted a request to me for a polymer clay burger. Go check her out if you like origami and drawing. Keep the requests coming!!

Here are the supplies

Roll out to equally sized tab colored balls

Make one like a dome, and the other a little bit flatter

Make to burgers with brown clay the same width as the buns

Roll out a small red ball

And flatten it into a disk

Do this three more times

Roll out two green balls

And flatten them so they are thin, but just wider than the buns

Use the end of a handle of a spoon or something to texture the lettuce

Make two of these

Now roll out two yellow balls

Flatten them, and sit the burger gently on top

Use a knife to...

Cut a square around the burger!

Remove the burger and the scraps

Do the same thing to the other ball

Here's a quick review of the things

Bottom burger








Top bun

Use a toothbrush to texture the top

And use a toothpick to texture the burgers

At this point you can add an eyepin

Put that burger in the oven!!

130 degrees

15 minutes

-BEEP BEEP BEEP- 15 minutes is up! Take it out of the oven!! BUT BEWARE: it is HOT !!🔥

Time to glaze!

Ta da! Your done!!


Watch the video: Polymer clay Burger TuTorial

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