How to kracie popin' cookin' cake deco diy candy--part 1

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Kracie Popin' Cookin' Happy Kitchen Cake Deco DIY Japanese Candy Kit --Do not rip package, you will use as guide and placemat.

Open box and carefully cut packaging to create Placemat and Strawberry Jelly Cutting Mat *^~^* Also Included(shown next page) tray with Water Measure Cup, Cake Pan Mold, Berry Mold

Clear Pastry Bag-ORANGE Pack#1 Cake Mix for Larger Cake-BLUE Pack#2 Mix for Vanilla Frost-YELLOW Pack#3 Cake Mix for Small Cake-RED Pack#4 Pink Deco Frost-PINK Pack#5 Berry Mix-Flavored Sprinkle Deco

-Add ORANGE Pack to LARGE Cake Mold-This will be the bottom of your 2 Layer Cake

Add 2 Scoops of Water with included Water a Measuring Cup

Mix thoroughly until all powder mix is dissolved

Add YELLOW Packet Cake Mix in Smaller Cake Mold

Add 1 Water Scoop

Mix until thoroughly dissolved

After the Cake Mix is Thoroughyly mixed, TAP TRAY on hard surface to release all Air bubbles before cooking-------- *^~^*----SEE PART 2 of Instructions *^~^*

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