How to cook romeritos with mole

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Traditionally in Mexico this dish it's important part of Christmas dinner. It's really tasteful and good cooked it's not stodgy. Mole it's a sauce with more than 40 and ingredients and spicy

The first thing you need to do its clean the Romeritos, it means, cut all the though branches to leave only the tender. It's a hard ans slow work because you need to be precise and also not trough all

When you finish it must look like this

See only the long and hard branches go to trash

Now, you can star to cook, the rest of ingredients you can prepare as long as you go.

First it's important chop the nopales in medium pieces. Not so small because it downsize when it's cook

Now, wash it with the potatoes and cook with a little salt. If you wish can peel the potatoes but I don't like do it and for me the taste it's better

Meanwhile we can prepare the shrimps

In a hot pan, toast it in little bunches, because when it's warm and toasted its easy take of the head, tail and hard parts of skin

When you finish must look like this

And you have a lot of shell, but it's not for trash. You use the blender.

Must look like this

In this moment the potatoes and nopales must be ready, not completely cook, only tender.

Now, cook the Romeritos only for 15 min. Be sure to perfectly wash it because the ground can really ruin the taste of this dish

Meanwhile, blend all tomatoes with a cup of water

Hot a casserole and add olive oil

When the oil it's ready and the blended tomatoes and tomato sauce

Mix it an look how change, after approximately 10 min it'll be ready to next step

It's time to add mole, I usually use to kind of mole, black and with almond, because I'd like the mix of flavors

Add directly to the casserole to mix

It's necessary you use a spoon to mix all it well

When mole and tomato sauce it's mix it's time to add chocolate. Again I use two kind, bitter chocolate and a bar to make chocolate with milk

Add to the mole in pieces and mix it well

Now add dry shrimp

After 5 min, all the rest of ingredients

Must look like this, but now star the hard work. The mole coil be spicy but it need be cooked for 3 hours and mix it constantly

This is how it look after one hour

After three hours looks great and taste better. It's great to eat with bread

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