How to make a astro weenie christmas tree

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Take protective plastic off styrofoam cone.

Tear off a large piece of tin foil, about six inches longer than cone. I used heavy duty weight of foil.

Wrap cone tightly in foil, using double sided tape on edge of foil to seal.

Have all vegetables washed, dried and in bite size pieces. Cut cheese into chunks.

Drain pineapple & pickles and let sit to really dry. Use paper towels to soak up extra moisture. You want the ingredients dry when put on the tree.

Since my tree was going to travel 30 minutes to a party, I needed it to arrive in one piece. I used hot glue to attach it to the glass plate, knowing I could easily get the glue off afterwards.

Now comes the fun part! Stick ingredients on a toothpick and start attaching to the cone. Make a pattern, or just attach any which way.

Continue to fill in......

This is about a 15 inch tall cone, and it took about one hour to fill this tree in.

For a tree topper, I took six icicle ornaments and stuck them in the top of the tree.

Ready to party!

Watch the video: Can we make a Jeweled Christmas Tree?


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