How to draw a face in profile

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Draw a tilted oval

Add a circle at the top, you need room for the brain.

Add the neck.

The eye line is in the middle of the head. The nose line is in the middle between the eye line and the chin. The mouth line is in the middle between the nose line and the chin.

Adjust the profile line.

The ear fits between the eye line and the nose line. The guide line will tilt between the middle of the circle and the edge of the jaw.

Draw the outline of the ear.

Draw a triangle where the eye will be.

Define the side of the nose.

The edge of the lip lines up with the front if the eye.

Add the eye brow.

Shape the eye.

Sketch inside the ear

Sketch the shape of the hair.

Add shading.

Blend the values.

Check your guide lines, adjust as needed.

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