How to cook tuna carbonara

pre-heat frying pan

add butter

add minced onions

add chopped garlic

when it caramelized add the tuna and mix to cook

add mushrooms

when the mushrooms are good add the all purpose cream and mix

add the cheese

add water to lessen the thickness of the sauce

mix it until the cheese melts to the sauce

continue mixing until all the cheese got melted don't forget to add water whenever you believe that the sauce is too thick

add salt and pepper to taste

add basil leaves for additional taste

on a separate pot add water, oil and salt

wait until the water boils

add the pasta to the water it usually takes 7 minutes for the pasta to cook

done :)

you can add some toasted breads to complete the meal

Watch the video: Simple Chicken Carbonara Recipe. THE HOME COOK

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