How to cook chili miso beef stew in a slow cooker

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Here's a look at the brands and styles of the ingredients used.

Whole head or two of garlic. Skinned but keep the cloves whole

Mix together the beef, oil, spices and garlic cloves. Set aside until remaining prep is done.

Zest your orange into the beef mix. I love the smell of freshly grated zest.

Peel and chunk your vegetables. Work on even and interesting shapes.

Place the chopped vegetables and oranges into the crock pot.

Brown the beef and garlic in a large fairly hot frying pan. Ensure each side is browned before shaking the pan to much. Its usually easier to flip em around if you have a flat metal spatula and tongs

After its browned, usually about 5 minutes, carefully pour any excess fat out of the pan. Separate the fat from any juices that have collected.

Return the beef to the heat and add the miso and chili paste. Try to coat the beef with the mixture.

Deglaze the pan with orange juice and bring it a boil.

Pour the whole pan on to the vegetables in the slow cooker.

Return the pan to the heat and add the first pint of water. Bring it up to a simmer and mix any remaining miso beef garlic and chili love thats left in the pan.

Use tongs and chunk of beef to squeegee the sides of the pan. The cleaner the pan will result in more flavour making its way into the slow cooker.

Top up the crock pot with water and use a large spoon to mix er all up.

Cook it right away or stick it in the fridge. This was prepped the night before so i could wake up and start the cooker at breakfast time.

7:30am slow cooker is on. I'm using the "Auto" feature on this lovely example of crock pottery. "Auto" starts the crock on a high setting then moves to low once its hot.

4:30ish PM and the house smells amazing. What a great treat coming home to this. No kitchen dishes to clean tonight baby.

Squeeze the juice out of the oranges.

Let it rest about 10 minutes or so with the heat off. Hard to resist a few spoonfuls but be careful. I just burned my tongue a bit with my impatience.

We are eating good tonight.

Use the rest for lunches or freezer fun packs.

I hope this appeals to you and you give it a go. Let me know how it turns out. Click the heart to show some love and "Follow" me for more guides like this. Thanks for sharing your time . cheers

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