How to crunchy salmon with pine nuts

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In a small pan melt the butter. Once melted add mustard and honey. Put aside.

Chop the parsley and grate the parmesan.

Mix the cheese with parsley and breadcrumbs.

Roast the pine nuts in a frying pan/skillet.

We had a whole salmon that we cut into fillets but you can also keep it as it is (but then you must add more ingredients for the topping).

Put the fillets in a greased oven dish. Add salt & pepper.

Generously coat the fillets with the mustard mix.

Like so.

Then coat the salmon fillets with the cheese/parmesan/breadcrumbs mix.

Like so.

Finally add the pine nuts.

Cook in the oven at 175 degrees C for about 15 minutes.

Serve with a salad.

Watch the video: Baked Salmon with New Potatoes and Pine Nut Pesto

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