How to Play the Beatles "She Loves You," on Guitar

"She Loves You," is one of The Beatles first singles. Can easily woo a woman or make a group of people sing and dance with knowing how to play this Beatles hit.

The first chords is "E minor."

The second chord is "A." Fourth string second fret, third string second fret, and finally second string second fret.

Third chord is C. Fifth string third fret, fourth string second fret, and second string first fret. Play the other strings open. A little tricky chord for beginners but once learned very useful.

The final chord of the intro is G6. Sixth string third fret and fifth string second fret. Play the other strings open.

The first chord of the first verse is G. Similar to G6 just add first string second fret.

Then E minor again.

Third chord is B minor. Bar out the second fret then play fourth string fourth fret, third string fourth fret, and finally second string third fret. Keep your thumb low behind the neck for bar chords.

Then open D. Third string second fret, second string third fret, and finally first string second fret. Tricky like the C for beginners but fun chord with lots of versatility.

E minor walk down has three parts. First part is fourth string fifth fret and second string third fret while playing the fourth and third string open.

The second part of the walked down E minor fourth string fourth fret and first string second fret while again playing third and second strings open.

And finally for the walk down fourth string on the first fret while playing third, second, and first open. This walk down is followed by a barred C minor which I will show you next.

This chord is the C minor I mentioned before. Bar out the third fret while fourth and third strings are played on the fifth fret and second string on fourth fret.

Then the open D again from the verse.

Repeat the chorus, verse, and walk down post chorus is E minor.

That's pretty much it. There's a D7 chord at the end that you can get away playing a D if you want. Listen to the song while playing it and you'll discover the structure while playing the chords.

And last have fun. Learning The Beatles on guitar will help you strive to learn basic chords which is an essential foundation of any guitar players repertoire. Enjoy, message me if you have questions.

Watch the video: How to Play I Want You Shes So Heavy Intro by The Beatles on Guitar

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