How to Create a Fast Call Icon on Your iPhone

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Download TapToCall from the AppStore

Tap on the TapToCall icon to start it

Tap on the + button to choose a contact from your address book or directly type the phone number and the contacts name

Choose the contact's phone by tapping on it

Tap on the photo if you wish to change it

Tap on the lens to find an image online

Search an image in Internet by typing some keywords, then tap on the one you like

Crop the selected image to make it squared

Tap on the 'Save' button to use the selected image for your icon

Edit the contact's name to make it fit the icon title (usually less than 12 characters)

Tap on 'Save Icon' to define a new icon or on 'Create Icons' to create a profile with all your icons

Choose how to install the profile created

Tap on the 'Install' button

Tap on the Install Now button

Tap on the generated icon to start the call

Talk :-)

Watch the video: How to Add Contacts to your iPhones Home Screen

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