How to Make a Variation of Mean Green Juice

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This is a juice I like a lot. It's a bit on the sour side but provides good energy and lots of nutrients. I like carrots, spinach, kiwi or grapefruit too.

Read the supplies list for ingredients or juicer info. Makes about 32 oz.

Slice cucumber, celery, apple, lemon and ginger. Rinse and strain. Set aside.

Dice up the kale into about 6 pieces per branch, this is so it feeds into the juicer easily. Rinse and strain, keep separate from everything else.

All cut, rinsed and ready to go.

Bring out your juicer and start feeding everything in. I like to stagger harder ingredients (apple, cucumber etc.) with softer ingredients (kale, spinach etc).

This might still have juice in it. Run it through again!

Enjoy immediately or store in an air tight container/pitcher. I like glass. Refrigerate.

Throw remaining pulp away.

IMPORTANTDo dishes so your roomates/girlfriend doesn't get mad at you for making a mess. Cheers!

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