How to Fix a Slow iPhone

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Is your iPhone slow to respond? Trying to open an app and there is a delay? Just like a normal computer, sometimes a little maintenance can help speed up the OS. Here's a few tips that work for me.



By clearing history, it will close all current browsing pages that you have open. Please save any unfinished work or bookmark pages that you do not want to lose BEFORE you click CLEAR HISTORY.

As the photo says, cookies and data helps speed up browsing, but it can also slow down your system by caching temporary files. Personally, I clear this weekly as regular maintenance.

Sometimes closing certain apps help to clear up system resources. To close running, suspended, or background apps, DOUBLE TAP the HOME button. This will pull up a list of running apps.

Press and hold down one of the app icons for two (2) seconds. The apps will start to wiggle and have a red minus sign on the left corner. Press the minus sign to shut down the app.

On another note, if an app isn't working properly, try closing it using this method and re-opening it again. Sometimes it just needs a restart.

Another tip is to do a hard restart on the iPhone. Do this by holding down the top lock button and home screen button until the phone turns off and the starting Apple appears on the screen.

Another tip I found to be beneficial is reducing the frequency that iOS checks for mail. You can find this in SETTINGS>MAIL,CONTACTS,CALENDARS

Scroll down to find the FETCH NEW DATA option. From here, you can reduce the time that your system checks for new mail. This also helps reduce battery drain.

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